How To Get a Korean Boyfriend

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“How to get a Korean boyfriend” – that’s what most girls who email and message me would like to know. Some have even asked me to write about it but I had a better idea. Why post a blog when I can do a videoblog, right??? (I’m actually getting addicted to it again heehee.) It may have taken me quite a while but I believe in perfect timing!

Cherish Maningat-Bae is in town aright now and has been busy with interviews and guesting and other showbiz shit. Hahaha~ Cherish is married to a Korean and is based in Seoul. We have been collaborating on the Misconceptions About Korean Men series and I thought this would be a perfect topic for our first collab video!

This is TOTALLY how you could get yourself a Korean guy.

This video is informative, fun, and most of all made of so much crack. It’s done for entertainment purposes but it does not mean that we’re not being honest. By the way, Cheng is a professional musical actress, the first Filipina to ever be cast in a lead role in a Korean musical at that. Guuuurl knows how to act, fashada! WATCH IT! SPREAD THE VIDEO! FOLLOW OUR HELPFUL TIPS! Bwahahaha!

Video after the jump!

If you thought that was cray cray, you gotta watch out for the part 2!!! Shout out to our loves, Jimmy Kim and Tae-il Bae oppa!

PS: Let me be your fairy godmother and you can win FREE hair and clothes make-over + fab photo shoot + dinner in a nice resto + Php 5,000 cash!!! That’s like a whole-day date!!! ^__^

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