Song Hye Kyo’s Egg Beauty Secret

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Song Hye Kyo’s Egg Beauty Secret


Remember the scenes were Geum Jandi (Boys Over Flowers) was surrounded by school bullies? She got fresh eggs and flour thrown at her!


Oh!~ And Kim Nana (City Hunter) was also a victim! Is it really a famous form of bullying?


Eggs and flour!~ Ahh I bet it hurts too @.@

Strong females getting hit by eggs! Aigoo bullying should be stopped!

Don’t be sad Geum Jandi, there are benefits from the attack! (Aside from getting cared for by handsome leading men~ kekeke)

Stunning and forever beautiful Song Hye Kyo reveals her beauty secret – Do-It-Yourself recipes using eggs, honey and milk! The eggs helps her keep her skin white, the added honey to brighten her complexion more and the milk ingredient makes her face soft and smooth!

Song Hye Kyo’s Beauty Secret Recipe 1:
Egg White + Honey, Mix the egg white with a spoonful of honey. Apply to face and let it dry. Wait for 10 minutes and rinse off! She uses this mask before bedtime, interval of 2 weeks. It keeps her skin white!

Song Hye Kyo’s Beauty Secret Recipe 2:
Honey + Water, Dilute honey with water and massage onto face. Rinse afterwards. Good to reduce fine lines and the honey makes skin brighter! Also uses this before bedtime with the same interval of 2 weeks.

Song Hye Kyo’s Beauty Secret Recipe 3:
Milk Wash, So fancy! She uses milk to wash her face and make her skin softer and smoother!

Song Hye Kyo’s Beauty Secret Recipe 4:
Ice Cube, Freezing! She uses ice cubes to make her skin firm and tight! So it looks that her face is slimmer~ (But be careful with long exposure because ice could also burn skin!)

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And this particular post will be about a very simple DIY egg mask! You’ll need an empty plastic bottle (clean), a bowl, egg and a mask brush!


Get an egg and crack it open! (No hitting friends with the egg to crack it open ok?!)


But for the mask you’ll only need the egg white! Here’s an easy mess free technique to separate the white from the yolk, which my brother taught me… Suction using the bottle! Place the hole of the bottle over the egg yolk then squeeze the bottle. You’ll see the yolk rising up! Suction complete!


No more messy transfer from one half of the shell to another! :D If you think “omo I will waste the egg yolk” you could actually use it for your hair!!! Just don’t use hot water because you might cook it! There is no strong smell so I did not have any discomfort! This much egg white is plenty and can cover your face and the faces of friends. Slumber Party!!!

Ed’s note: Or you can use it for your entire body! I just did this last night with honey and man did it feel awesome!


The egg white’s consistency is not that liquidy but it is still better to use a mask brush (I’m using The Face Shop’s mask brush here) so that it’ll still be mess free.


Avoid putting a thick layer on face because it will surely drip! Start applying the egg white with the brush in equal parts starting from the cheeks, nose, forehead and chin. Be careful in applying and do not let it touch eyes and mouth. It’s still raw.

Leave on for 10 minutes. And you’ll feel your face tightening! And the mask would look like this:


No worries cause the “cracked” skin look will disappear after washing with water. Skin really felt tight and smooth afterwards!


Even though I did not use honey for this particular Song Hye Kyo inspired DIY simple egg mask, I think it also works! The honey is for added brightening~ But the egg white is for whitening!

Thank you Song Hye Kyo for sharing your beauty secret! ☺ Let’s wear an egg yolk mask every fortnight like Song Hye Kyo!~ :D

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3 Responses to “Song Hye Kyo’s Egg Beauty Secret”

  1. Alexis

    I love homemade masks! But fair warning: don’t put egg-white close around your eyes (leave more space than you might with other masks), because it makes your skin super tight ><; Also, a couple of aspirin tablets mixed with water and applied on blemishes makes them hurt less and reduces swelling- just don't use it too often ^__^!

  2. tellah

    .,thank u somuch song hye kyo for sharing your beauty secret to us. your my idol. i luvu, mwwwwah mwaah tsup tsup.

  3. Nica

    thank you for the tip. I’ve been looking for home made beauty masks for quite a while now and so far, yours is the only one I’m willing to try


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