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Personal Taste Review


English Title: Personal Preference, Personal Taste, Gae In’s Taste
Korean Title: 개인의 취향
Network: MBC
Number of Episodes: 16

This drama is an adaptation of the novel 개인의 취향 by Lee Sae In, who had a helping hand in the on-screen writing as well!

Cast List/Character Overview (not full list):
Lee Min Ho as Jeon Jin Ho – hero of the story; Architectural Designer
Son Ye Jin as Park Gae In – heroine of the story; Furniture Designer/Maker
Kim Ji Seok as Han Chang Ryul – Gae In’s ex-boyfriend; complete jerk; Architectural Designer; Jin Ho’s rival
Wang Ji Hye as Kim In Hee – Art Museum Curator; “friend” of Gae In
Ryoo Seung Ryong as Director Choi – Director of Daum Art Gallery
Ahn Seok Hwan as Han Yun Seo – Chang Ryul’s father
Jo Eun Ji as Lee Young Sun – very good friend of Gae In
Jeong Seong Hwa as No Sang Jun – friend of Jin Ho
Choi Eun Seo as Na Hye Mi – really annoying girl that loves Jin Ho and Jin Ho’s “fiancé”
Im Seul Ong as Kim Tae Hoon – assistant of Jin Ho; in love with Hye Mi

Quick Overview: Gae In is a woman whose has a lot of ups and downs in her life. She’s taken after her late mother as a furniture designer and has started her own company. Sadly, her company hasn’t really taken off. Her father is a very famous architect, and built this amazing house (named, Sanggojae) for her and her mother. This house hasn’t been seen by anyone in the outside world via her father’s instructions. Jin Ho is C.E.O of an architectural company and is trying to land a big job for Daum Arts Center. Just so happens that the Director of the Arts Center really likes the Sanggojae’s architectural structure. From some coincidences, and a lot of misunderstandings Jin Ho has been mistakenly labeled as gay (and makes no real attempt to correct the label) and he ends up being Gae In’s roommate… after her roommate In Hee betrays her in one of worst ways possible (you’ll find this out episode 1).

The Good: Yes! Another Lee Min Ho drama! If you’ve read my review of Boys Over Flowers you should know my immense love for him! This drama was very well written, and I didn’t know it was even an adaption of a novel. It makes me want to go read the novel. I really like the characters, and even though I get annoyed with Gae In sometimes, I actually feel like she’s one of the more realistic characters than some others in the drama. Gae In is not as strong a female lead as Eun Sol from Protect the Boss, but can still be considered strong. She goes through a lot in the first episode of the drama and we can see that her life hasn’t been the easiest. She perseveres nonetheless. And though some of her actions may get her called naïve, she still looks for the good in people. I think that takes a lot of strength. And I found myself relating a lot to her. She’s really learning how to fend for herself, and her character growth is great during the entire series.


Gae In didn’t have her contacts in! But let’s just appreciate Lee Min Ho is this scene from Ep. 3

Jin Ho is also a very good character. His hair was great! I was so happy to see Min Ho with normal hair and not Joon Pyo hair. It was refreshing. Jin Ho was a complex character to me. It was almost a constant struggle with his moral code throughout the series. Especially as the storyline developed it seemed harder for Jin Ho to decide what the right decisions for him to make were. He was also a funny character. Gae In and him are two very different people, and I liked to see him give in to her whims every now and then. He seemed kinda uptight to me when they first introduced him, and poor Gae In didn’t have an organized bone in her body. It was cute to see them interact. And I’m sucker for when guys kinda dote on girls they like or are friendly with. He would dote on her when she would complain about cooking and be like, “Come on, I’ll cook for you”. It was just cute to see him do little things for her like that.


One of my favorite kisses in the entire series – it happens Ep. 13

This drama touches on a bit of a taboo subject everywhere in the world. Homosexuality. Jin Ho’s friend did play into the stereotype a little but other than that this drama did very well to stray away from the flamboyant stereotype that seems to plague the media whenever they portray gay men. Though Jin Ho was pretending to by gay he would constantly say things like, “because I’m gay why do I have to do….” And then list things that people would think stereotypical gay men do. One character in the drama is actually gay, and when he tells you his story… get some tissue. It’s very heartwarming and whatnot. I applaud the drama for touching on the subject the way that they did.

The Bad: That would be Chang Ryul, In Hee, and Hye Mi. Those 3 characters are enough to make you want to flip all the tables. Chang Ryul was the absolute worst. Episode 1 I was like, “this guy needs to go far, far away”. I really wanted to give him a good kick! Later on in the drama I gained a little bit of respect for him (barely), and then he lost it all over again. And I didn’t like the way Gae In was kinda hung up on him for a minute after they broke-up. Later on in the drama when he wants to be “friends”… she should have slapped him really hard.

In Hee is played by the same actress who played Na Yoon in Protect the Boss. And in Protect the Boss she was also the “bad guy” but it was such a horrible attempt that it was almost cute. In this drama however, she’s plays the bad guy so well that it’s scary and unrealistic. I loved her acting in this drama! She stayed really true to her character. She had like one tiny redemption moment, but that was overshadowed by her actions throughout the entire drama. In my mind she took on the role of that mother who will do everything in her power to see her son with someone else (*cough* Joon Pyo’s mom *cough*). But In Hee was seeking to destroy Gae In’s life. Not literally, but make living so miserable for her that she would leave Seoul. And the things that In Hee did and the lengths she went to were also a bit unrealistic. She was just really, really mean. She had ulterior motives with almost everything she did. I’d like to think that even though some people are mean…that they have like seconds of genuine happiness. It was like In Hee was miserable from beginning to end.


In Ep. 6 Gae In has menstrual cramps, and Jin Ho rubs her belly. Best. Guy. Ever.

Hye Mi is that delusional fangirl. The one who says, “*insert boy band member here* and I are going to get married, and nothing will stop us. Even if he says no.”. Though she was delusional, she actually was a lot closer than delusional fangirls. She lived with her “boy band member”. She’s more so a childhood friend of Jin Ho and automatically took the role of fiancé. Jin Ho’s mother agreed I guess because there was no other choice? Jin Ho is always wrapped up in work so no time for dates. The thing that gets me if how absolutely annoying Hye Mi is. I’m just happy she wasn’t the villain. She’s used to having things done for her, and does not like hearing the word no. And even though there’s another guy so interested in her she only has eyes for Jin Ho, and yet she plays around with the other guy’s feelings to get what she wants. She’s quite manipulative. And I still feel kinda sorry for her. Her crush turned involuntary engagement was innocent in its own way.

The story itself had little to no plot holes. I was very confused about some things as far as explanations go, but I usually just leave stuff like that to “TV Magic” when it’s nothing too extreme.

The Fangirl: Two Words, “Game. Over.” When Jin Ho said that line is episode 10 I almost died from fangirling. It was one of the best one-liners I’ve ever heard in k-drama history…. and there are quite a few one-linters. I just… my heart was fluttering and I was screaming, it was pretty bad. There were also these moments in episode 10 when I cried from the sheer kindness and genuine care Gae In had for Jin Ho.


This is the “Game Over” kiss. It’s kinda a bad angle, but I’m sure you can see why I died.

Not to mention there was another shirtless Min Ho scene!! I was so happy to see that on my computer screen. I talked about the interactions between Gae In and Jin Ho before, but those moments are really fangirl worthy. So they deserved to be mentioned again. There’s this one part when Gae In asks Jin Ho to make her into a woman…and throughout the whole process I find myself singing a weird rendition of “I’ll Make a Man out of You” from Mulan called, “I’ll Make a Woman out of You”.

Overall: I give this drama 4.5 out of 5. It was really great, but it didn’t really hit the mark. I do still highly recommend watching this drama!

What did you think of Personal Taste? Love it? Hate it? Leave a comment below and tell me what you think!

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  1. kity_Cia

    I really loved this drama..Min ho is indeed a great actor, and awesome kisser:) I strongly recommend Worlds within/the world they live in with hyun bin its the best k-drama by far!

  2. naurahlee

    sarangeo oppa…
    yeongwoni saranghe….
    nan bogosipta….
    jeongmal kamsahamnida….

  3. s.r

    i m 27 year old iranian girl,and i think that lee min ho is a great actor.i really love all his drama.

  4. holly

    i haven’t seen all of the drama yet, but so far it is awesome! Min ho is an awesome actor and he does really well in this drama.


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