Park Shin Hye in Manila Press Conference

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Park Shinhye is in town right now for the Manila leg of her Asia Tour and I’m really thankful to have been given the opportunity not only to meet her but to be the emcee of her press conference yesterday at the Diamond Hotel. I know, I know. I’m a very lucky and very blessed woman and I’m super super thankful. [click to enlarge photos]


Park Shin Hye in Manila Press Conference

Since I didn’t get to take notes, lemme just share with you some of the things that I remembered her talking about at the presscon. Also, some pics! ^^


Definite NOT PSH. Lolz. Check out my OOTD post here ‘coz I’m a feshen blogger like that!

If you’re wondering if she’s pretty, yes she is. Very much. Her beauty is very different from that of the Kpop girls that I’ve seen up close. She’s natural and simple and I’d compare her to a fragrant cotton – white, light and overall pleasant.


I couldn’t stop staring at her skin. Her pores are non-existent.

Some of the things that I remembered from the press con:


 Her top three beauty tips: exercise when stressed (stress makes you ugly), eat anything, wash your face.


The leading man that she is closest to/enjoyed working the most is Yonghwa. I actually forgot the exact question so don’t quote me on this :/ but someone asked about a leading guy she answered “Yonghwa”


- She’d like to try action dramas/movies next time.


- She feels she is in no position to give tips to newcomers since she’s very young herself (though this is her 10th anniversary in the business).


Park Shin Hye in Manila Press Conference

If you’re in Manila and a Park Shinhye fan, you just have to be at Kiss of Angel in Manila – 2013 Park Shin Hye Asia Tour at the Star Theater, CCP Complex, 6pm today, March 16, 2013!!! I’m pretty sure there are still tickets available. I’ve seen the program flow and trust me, it’s fan service to the nth level!

See you, guys and many thanks to Fangirl Asia and Behind The Scenes for this opportunity!

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  1. xexeiila

    Can’t wait for your Shin Hye FM blog :) ) You’ve done a great job hosting the fm. I was so at ease with your antics. =)))


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