Korea Tour with Jeju Air Day 5

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This post is like three months late. Wow. But better late than never, right? Hihihihi. This is the 2nd to the last post of my Korean Tour with Jeju Air series but I still have the video so please watch out for that!

And in case you want to read the previous posts, here are: Day 1, Day 2, Day 3 & Day 4! On our fifth day, all the other members of the tour had gone back to the Philippines and only I, Ceia Ylagan of Travelife and Suzette and Mr. Choi of Jeju Air were left. We were up for some serious photoshoot-ing all over Seoul and we invited my good friend, Ms. Cherish Maningat to join us!

DAY 5, September 18 - Lotte Duty Free, Lotte World, Gwangjang Market, Garosu-gil, Myeongdong, Drum Cat

We met up with Cherish at the hotel in the morning and right after breakfast, proceeded to Lotte Duty Free. It was my 2nd time in Lotte during this trip and though we didn’t really do any shopping at Duty Free, it was fun going around and posing and being all model-y and such. Hahaha. [click to enlarge photos]


Top: The newest subway ad of Lotte Duty Free hahaha joke! ; Bottom: Kring and Cherish for Benefit cosmetics. LOL not really. They just had the best light/display that day and they allowed us to shoot.


Top: Someone is extremely happy about the Miu Miu bags behind her! ; Bottom: Shopping in Korea is really fun. It’s a misconception that it’s expensive, it’s not so bad, really…

Too bad we didn’t really get to take anything home from Duty Free hahaha but it was fun! We then moved to the other part of the complex, which is the Lotte World outdoor park! I was sooo excited because the day prior, it was raining heavily and only stayed in the indoor theme park.


Clockwise: The obligatory jump shot in front of the Lotte World facade. ; The Gyro Drop. I was sooo freakin’ scared ‘coz last time I did this in Malaysia, I left my innards on the air but this time it was not so bad. ; Oh! And when in Lotte World, YOU MUST WEAR FANCY AND CUTE HEADBANDS.


Top: Kring and Cherish would be perfect as ambassadors, yeah? See, we even look cute with the mascots! ^^ ; On the monorail. It was a nice way to go around Lotte World.

I reeeaaallly enjoyed Lotte World like you have no idea. I can’t wait to go back soon to spend more time in the theme park AND have a date with Jimmy there. I’ve been to Korea a couple of times but it only during this trip that I got to visit Lotte World! You cannot miss it, guys!

For lunch, we again went to Gwangjang Market. Might bring my parents when we go there this summer so they can experience old-school Korya. I highly recommend this to tourists, too because you get a feel of a more traditional way of shopping. It’s a typical wet/dry market and most of the items for “shopping” are literally for ahjummas and halmeonis.


Clockwise: Affordable Korean side dishes, kimchi and such… we approve (though look at that color!! WHAT IS SPICY.) ; Again, ambassadors to palengke – Kring & Cheng. ; Gwangjang, abuzz with many people though 80% of them seem to 45 y/o and older. Nothing wrong with that. It’s fun to haggle with the aunties!


Top: Lunchtime munchtime!! My favorite ddeokbokki + sundae + kimbap with the nice (and very game) ahjumma who owns the stall. ; Bottom: Homemade Korean cookies for dessert! Yum yum! I bought it using my 5,000 won voucher which are usually given to tourists.

I would’ve wanted to go around more but we didn’t have much time. No worries, that won’t be my last!

In the afternoon we took a short break as Cherish had to attend a school event in the Cheongdam-dong area. After that, we headed to Garosu-gil. Garosu-gil is from the Korean word which means tree-lined streets and it’s in Gangnam, too. It’s lined with gingko trees as well as cafes, boutiques, art galleries and has this very posh feel.


Left: Photo op with Ted! No kidding~ They were shooting some promotional video hahahaha. ; Right: Cherish playing around with Jeju Air Cebu’s Mang Jerry. We miss you, Mang Jerry! And that’s Ceia looking oh-so-poignant at the back…

We didn’t go there for the shopping, the expensive lattes or the people-watching. Garosu-gil is famous for the cosmetic surgery clinics as well. We visited Bong Bong Plastic Surgery clinic and though I’ve written Korean cosmetic surgery more than once (even on my other blog), it was actually my first time to go inside a clinic and see the facilities!

Man, it’s serious business inside. I mean, it looks much better than ordinary hospitals and it has this air of elegance. I also got to touch the things that they insert inside breasts for boob jobs, the apparatus they use to scrap off your skull and saw the legitly shocking before and after photos!


Clockwise: Cherish trying out the machine that does a 3D representation of your cranium. You know, for them to know if you should have your cheeks or jaws shaved off. ; The reception area of the Bong Bong Plastic Surygery clinic ; That’s us with the world-class and top Korean surgeons. One of them is the most famous in hip surgery.

As you know, Korea is pushing their medical tourism so tours are now organized to include a visit to some cosmetic surgery clinics. If you want anything done though, I highly recommend Korea. Just look at their stars’ before and after photos and you’d be sold, too.

That night, we quickly dropped by Myeongdong (not really for the ice cream but why not?)…


… before catching the show of the all-female percussion group, Drum Cat! It was really fun and Cherish was even called on stage to participate in a skit. Hahahaha! I liked NANTA more though ‘coz it was funny but Drum Cat was really entertaining and so power-packed. I saw them again last November when they visited Manila!


Clockwise: Just us, waiting for the show to start. ; Cherish and I, the new Drum Cat members hahahaha (those drums are damn heavy! Repect.)! ; Cherish with the gag duo being all wacky! ; Autograph signing with the very sweaty members of the group. Some of therm are really cute, too!

Whew! We sure did A LOT in one day, huh? We were all very tired when the day ended but it was all good! Writing this blog entry made me all excited to go back to Korea again~ ^^ Do you guys wanna come with me? Among all the places I mentioned here, where would you like to go?

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