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Protect The Boss Review


English Title: Protect the Boss
Korean Title: 보스를 지켜라
Network: SBS
Number of Episodes: 18

Cast List/Character Overview (not full list):
Choi Kang Hee as No Eun Seol – heroine of the story
Ji Sung as Cha Ji Heon – hero of the story
Kim Jaejoong as Cha Moo Won – Ji Heon’s cousin, co-worker and rival

Wang Ji Hye as Seo Na Yoon – Ji Heon’s first love
Park Young Kyu as Chairman Cha – Ji Heon’s father
Cha Hwa Yun as Shin Sook Hee – Moo Won’s mother and sister-in-law of Chairman Cha
Ha Jae Sook as Lee Myung Ran – Eun Sol’s best friend and roommate
Kim Young Ok as Madame Song – Chairman Cha’s mother/ Ji Heon’s grandmother
Kim Cheong as Hwang Kwan Jang – Na Yoon’s mother
Jung Kyu Soo as No Bong Man – Eun Seol’s father
Kim Hyung Bum as Secretary Kim
Kim Ha Kyun as Secretary Jang

Quick Synopsis: No Eun Sol has always had trouble finding a job. She’s gone on countless interviews but because of her questionable history and not going to the best university she’s hasn’t found much luck. Through a series of events Eun Sol is hired at DN Group by Cha Moo Won. She’s hired as the new secretary for the Chairman’s son Cha Ji Heon. Ji Heon’s last secretary didn’t work out for various reasons and simply because Ji Heon is hard to work with and is an egotistical immature slacker who would surely put the DN Group in ruins if he’s the next in line for the CEO position. He is, but not if his aunt Shin Sook Hee can help it. She wants her son Moo Won to be the new CEO. Their family is a bit complicated.

Eun Sol is happy for her new job, but looked down on by the other secretaries because of her lack of good education. Upon meeting, her boss Ji Heon wastes no time making multiple demands and being very particular. Eun Sol and Ji Heon have met before at a club when Eun Sol threw her shoe at him and kinda beat him up. This was days before she was hired, and Eun Sol recognizes him almost immediately and Ji Heon can only remember one thing – the assailant’s “poop” hair style. The hairstyle that Eun Sol wears often, but Ji Heon still can’t remember the face.

This story revolves around the complicated lives of Ji Heon, Moo Won, Eun Sol, and Na Yoon (who has a few problems of her own). It’s heartbreakingly good.


Episode 2 of Protect the Boos. Eun Sol’s first encounter with the Ji Heon – Moo Won rivalry

The Good: The best thing about this drama was the romance between Eun Sol and Ji Heon. I really actually believed that they were seriously falling in love. Other K-dramas do this, too but there is always some awkwardness between the characters. I felt like as soon as the dating period came from Ji Heon and Eun Sol it was like they were so comfortable with each other. Just something about it made it seem so much more real and believable and it made me really happy.

No Eun Sol has got to be one of the best female leads I’ve seen. She was everything I wanted Ra Im from Secret Garden to be. She was very head strong and didn’t really hold back. And she was a bit of an activist in her former days which I thought was pretty cool. She also didn’t let the bullying of the Moo Won and Na Yoon’s mother get to her. Not that you could call it bullying, it was nothing compared to Joon Pyo’s mother in Boys Over Flowers. Besides Eun Sol being awesome, Ji Heon was also great! I really
loved his playful character. It was instant love for Ji Heon. Not only that but this show did a fantastic job with character development. I actually felt like the characters grew a lot, especially Ji Heon and if you’ve seen this drama then you know what I mean. It was great to see their love develop as they helped each other embrace a whole new side of themselves.

Ji Heon’s phobia was also refreshing. There have been a few phobias that have plagued some popular dramas. Joon Pyo had a fear of water in Boys Over Flowers and Joo Won had a fear of elevators in Secret Garden. Both of those fears seemed like they didn’t fit the characters well (though the reasoning behind Joo Won’s fear was actually really good) were as Ji Heon’s phobia is something that happens to people all the time. And the way he knew so much about it and has books and was able to help Eun Sol help
him… I was truly amazed. He recognized his fear and how it held him back. He was really open to the help.

And I have the utmost respect for Madame Song. She was one of the best characters in the drama. Though she wasn’t a main character I was very thankful for her influences throughout the drama. Another great thing about the drama that there was no over the top crazy mother that did everything in her power to break-up Eun Sol and Ji Heon. You did have Na Yoon’s mother and Moo Won’s mother but they weren’t that bad to me. Besides Eun Sol dealt with them and so did Madame Song. Ji Heon doesn’t have a mother in this drama and so we’re left with just Chairman Cha who actually isn’t against Eun Sol. It was such a relief when he accepted her quickly. Later on things get complicated, but Chairman Cha actually has a genuine care and respect for Eun Sol.

The bromance between Ji Heon and Moo Won was also great! The rivalry was very believable. You can tell that they really did want the best for each other even though they still wanted to do better than each other. Moo Won knew how to make Ji Heon tick and vice versa. They were such opposites that they truly complemented each other. They made this drama really worthwhile.

The plot was easy to follow without too much intricacy that you get lost in the story. It could easily stand without Chairman Cha ever disliking Eun Sol (he has his own problems to deal with). It didn’t need that parent conflict to help carry it along. The big conflict in this drama is actually pretty solid. It’s definitely believable and brings out more of the characters and because it happens later in the story you can see more character development and really seen how they’ve grown. And the acting is this drama is really great. You can tell that the actors really enjoyed making this drama.


A secretary’s main job is to block the CCTV while the Chairman attacks (or is about to attack) his son

The Bad: I don’t really have a lot of bad things to say about this drama. There was the issue with Na Yoon. Her character seems to be the “rival” for Eun Sol though it’s pretty clear that Ji Heon has NO interest in his former lover. She tries to do things to get at Eun Sol but she’s just kinda unlucky and that makes her a pitiful character. I was like, “Aww she’s trying to mess with them. How cute” and I wanted to pat her on the head. The actress who plays Na Yoon can most definitely be bad (have you seen her in Personal Taste? Yeah, she can get nasty). So the actress was capable of being meaner but isn’t. I wanted more from Na Yoon and she did do her own personal growth and I liked her as a character, but as Ji Heon’s former lover she could have brought a whole new believable level of drama to an otherwise comedy with dramatic elements story.

Also Na Yoon’s mother and Moo Won’s mother. Them going after Eun Sol seemed outrageous to me. They didn’t really do anything that upset me. They just annoyed me and Eun Sol was annoyed too! She didn’t give them the time of day and just went on about her business. Maybe Moo Won’s mother had a right to speak to Eun Sol because well, Moo Won started to develop feelings for Eun Sol. Serious feelings. But Eun Sol had nothing to do with Na Yoon. The only thing that connected them was Ji Heon and that’s something that Ji Heon and Na Yoon needed to work out. I’m never a fan of mothers getting involved in their children’s love lives unless it’s big things like marriage. And if mothers are involved it should only be for things like advice.


Ji Heon really can’t stand Moo Won taking up any of Eun Sol’s time.

The Fangirl: To this day I cannot get over Ji Heon’s character. Ji Sung did a phenomenal job. He perfected Ji Heon for me and I just fell in love. But it was hard not to continuously fangirl when Jaejoong was on the screen. JYJ fans probably fangirled more than I did. They were the perfect pair to play these lead male roles. And during the time when Ji Heon and Eun Sol were dating, my heart was so happy that it almost jumped out my chest. Ji Heon really showed his considerate and romantic side and that just added to his already amazing character.

Also, did anyone else cry with Eun Sol cried? To see such a strong character like her finally breakdown from her frustrations with Ji Heon and everything that was happening with the company… I cried with her. Through everything in the drama she had been strong and continued to be strong. Ji Heon was usually the one that showed all his emotions. So to see her cry…it was good to see her character be like that.


This was one of my favorite kisses!

Overall: I give this drama 5 out of 5! That’s right, just like Secret Garden. This k-drama is pretty much perfect and if Secret Garden wasn’t my favorite this would definitely take the cake. The characters were great, and the plot was pretty much flawless. I really fell in love with this drama. It wasn’t too slow and it was easy to watch and entire hour and not get bored. Eun Sol and Ji Heon were refreshingly good characters. So I really suggest watching it!

What did you think of Protect the Boos? Love it? Hate it? Leave comments below and tell me what you think!

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