How to Drink Like a Korean

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I think I’m taking this whole “vieoblogger” thing seriously and updating more regularly so hahaha please support me, guys! Today, we got a new video from Cherish and I and a special guest, Eco dela Sala! We had soooo much fun shooting so we hope you enjoy it, too!

“How to Drink like a Korean”… because this info must be shared! Drinking with Koreans is serious business, you know.

How to Drink Like a Korean

Legitly cheerful bunch!

Watch the video after the jump!

Let’s make this shit viral hahaha! Share share share if you liked this!

If you think that was fun, you guys got to join me, Cherish and Eco for our Seoul tour happening this October ! It’s gonna be a riot! Save up now ‘coz it’s definitely pushing through (more information next time). We’ll drink there!

I really enjoy doing these videos and I’m really happy whenever I read your positive response/comments~ Do you guys have suggestions for our next video (WITH JIMMY KIM THIS TIME)?! Leave your “request” on the comments, section, loves! See you soon!

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6 Responses to “How to Drink Like a Korean”

  1. Kristine Roces

    OMG! Eco was my classmate in Elementary and High School. Its cool to see him here. How did you know each other? :) Eco and I also has a classmate in hs and he said he was your classmate in hs in Fairview. How small our world is! :)

  2. John

    whats the rule of thumb if like me you cant drink alcohol (alergic….)


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