Saranghaeyo, Mahal Kita (사랑해요 마할 키타)

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For our first anniversary, I surprised Jimmy with a dot com ( This time around, I wanted to make it a bit more special so I wrote and composed a song for him and made a music video! This is the first time that I’ve recorded a song or did anything singing-related and I’d like to thank my very good friend, Victor Asuncion, songwriter and front man of the band, Indios for co-producing this with me.

Dear bebe,

너 나 사랑해? Hahaha~ It was sooo hard keeping this a secret from you for a month! Hope you like the song. And the video. Actually, you don’t have much of a choice anyway. I made this so you have to loooove it! Who’s the lucky one now? ^^ Love you so much, love! Thanks for everything!


I am now officially a singer-songwriter. Haha! Watch the video after the jump.

Saranghaeyo, Mahal Kita (사랑해요 마할 키타) by Kring Elenzano
View it on the Youtube page.

Written and Composed by: KRING ELENZANO
Arranged and Co-produced by: VICTOR ASUNCION

Music video:

Produced and edited by: Kring Elenzano
Director of Photography: Fritz Tentativa
Translation: Cherish Maningat-Bae
Special Thanks to: Ivan Payawal|
Shot with: Canon 550D

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I have a Korean boyfriend
His name is Jimmy Kim and
You should know how much I love him

I am from Manila
A crazy Filipina
Single since birth before we met


But I knew, I knew he was special
On April Fool’s, we became official
Since then we have been spreadin’
Love from Pinas to Korea


Saranghaeyo mahal kita (I love you, I love you)
Bogoshipeo aking sinta (I miss you, my love)
Anajuo Bbobbohaejuo (Hug me, kiss me)

Tunay na pag-ibig na (This is real love)
Urin cheonsaengyeonbuniya (We are a match made in heaven)
I am yours, my heart’s for you

Didn’t know what I was missing
Until we started kissing
Felt like I was coming back home

He may not be the perfect man
But you got to understand
Him and I, we belong together



And guys, help us get 1,000,000 views for this video! Hahaha why not, chocnut?!

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12 Responses to “Saranghaeyo, Mahal Kita (사랑해요 마할 키타)”


    When I watched this sa Analog Soul, nakabisado ko kaagad ung lyrics! So so cute! Happy 2nd anniversary to you both! Love love love! :)

    • Anonymous

      Haha catchy naman, dba? Hey, thanks for dropping by, by the way… and for the letter. Will def blog about it! ^^

  2. dwyght

    this is so cute!!! and i cant believe your friends with yan (victor asuncion) hahaha!!! :p 

    • Anonymous

      Oh yes! For about 5 years already!!! Love that guy~ I’ve been a fan before Indios was born haha!

      • dwyght

         hahaha!  tha’s cute ^^ used to lead worship with him in church… haven’t seen yan in a while… was supposed to go to the launch ( i seriously did not want to miss that for anything, until…) but i had to go to work… :( anyways, will drop by really soon and i promise to buy a shirt! ^^ btw, i may have not left some comments recently but i am still very diligent in checking your blog, hehehe… i am a fan!!! ^^ kudos to you and your bebe

  3. Jamy

    Aaaaah, ate kring is beautiful in the music video!! Ate Kring, pwede ka nang recording artist. :) i love the song! happy belated anniversary!


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