My Korean Boyfriend Shirts at Analog Soul

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I can finally announce it! Guys, I’m super ecstatic to tell you that… we finally have a T-shirt line!!!!!!! And it’s with Analog Soul nonetheless! Oh yessss! I’d like to invite everyone to “It’s Launch Time: The official launch of the My Korean Boyfriend shirts at Analog Soul Trinoma” on March 31, 2012, 3pm! I will personally take it against you if you won’t be there *evil eyes*. Click “Join” on Facebook.


My Korean + Analog Soul: “It’s Launch Time!”
- click to enlarge the poster -

I know many of you have been asking and wondering where you could get those shirts that we’re wearing on the blog’s header and well, this is the answer! Apart from that, we have other cool designs for our first batch, which include:


Dae Han Min Guk shirt! Isn’t it cool?


The “SEOULMATE” Couple Shirt! Kyyyaaaaa~


Of course, the I love my Korean boyfriend print.


And Jimmy Kim’s I love my Filipina girlfriend.


AND OMG! You guys should get this personalized My Korean Boyfriend shirt! You can put whatever name you want there. If you buy it at the store, only romanized names are accepted (additional fee per letter). However, if you pre-order before March 31, we can make the names typed in Hangul and you can claim it on that day at Analog Soul!

The shirts come in different sizes and you may choose whatever color you want so technically, all of the shirts are somehow personalized, too! Is that cool or what? And hmmm… what else can you expect on March 31?

- The first 50 buyers of the shirts will get freebies shipped straight from Korea!
- Meet and Greet with the Krimmy Couple! ^^ *coughLOLcough*
- Games and raffle prizes! You know in your heart I like giving away stuff…
- Other awesome, fun things!

We’d have more designs next time but those are the ones that I made for the first batch. In case you may be wondering, we’d also be accepting orders from outside Manila and even from abroad though that would only be made available by April and with additional shipping fee. If you would like to pre-order the “My Korean Boyfriend is…” shirt with Hangul text for the name, kindly email your

- full name
- T-shirt size
- top three preferred colors (will be chosen according to availability)
- Korean name in Hangul to be printed on the shirt

and send it to yeojachingu[at]gmail[dot]com with the subject title “MKBF shirts”. We’ll reply to you with the payment details and since you’ll purchase, you’ll get freebies of course.

So, can I count on you, guys? It’s really a big deal for me so I would very much appreciate if you would join us on that day (not required to buy the shirts but it would make me happy)! Again, MARCH 31, 2012 – 3PM – TRINOMA. It’s a Saturday so you have no excuse hahaha! And I have another surprise for that day so make sure you join us, yes? I’m already claiming the success of this venture! Wooooot!

I’d like to make a special shout-out to Ponggo and Tipsy of! This wouldn’t have been possible without them> Love you, guys!

ps: I will update you guys on the price. Just waiting for the final decision.
pps: Jimmy Kim is coming home in two weeks and I’m literally dyinnnnng of excitement.

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  1. Cgreene1225

    how much are the shirts? I’m planning on ordering one i just don’t know the prices>_<


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