How To Date a Korean Guy

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A couple of days ago, I finally got a copy of the latest issue of Sparkling Magazine! It has TVXQ and Kara on the cover but more importantly, I contributed an article there!


How to date a Korean guy. Expert much? LOL.

It was really hard to look for a copy and I’ve been scouring the malls for weeks now! So soon as I saw them at National Bookstore Trinoma, I quickly bought three copies because I’m a whore like that.

I had fun writing the article and reading the magazine. Awts, I hope Jimmy and I get featured next time~ ^^ *cough* Oh, sorry guys! I won’t be posting here the feature! You gotta grab a copy to read the whole thing!

But because I love my readers and I LOOOVE giving away things, you can also win a free copy of Sparkling Magazine’s winter issue + some cool stuff from Korea! It’s super dooper easy!

1. Link/share this post on your Twitter or Facebook. MAKE SURE IT’S PUBLIC OR I WON’T BE ABLE TO SEE IT.
2. Comment on this post with your a) name b) email address c) why you love  d) the link from your Twitter/FB post just to verify that you’ve shared this post


Name: Kring Elenzano
Email add: yeojachingu[at]gmail[dot]com

Message: I love because reading Kring’s misadventures and thoughts make me feel like a normal person. I’m not too cuckoo like her.

I’d choose one winner of:


Sparkling Magazine’s winter issue.


Cute stickers, earrings, cellphone strap, clip all from Koreyaaaahhh (and C.N.A., of course)!!!

Contest ends on February 17, 2012, 12nn! You may only claim your prize through a meet-up the next day at Megamall.

Good luck, guys and enjoy the magazine! But if you REALLY want to know how to date a Korean guy… you better join Korean 101 with Cherish Maningat-Bae. We’d be sharing with you things that we can’t publish on magazines or online!

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10 Responses to “How To Date a Korean Guy”

  1. Anonymous

    Aw, wish I could participate, but I have absolutely no way to get to that mall. :c

  2. mary grace esmaya

    Name: Mary Grace Esmaya
    I love MyKoreanBoyfriend because I love watching the Krimmy couple being sweet and cute. Of all the couples I’ve known, they are the best. They weren’t afraid to show what is inside their relationship. And they even share their own misadventures and tips on how to get a Korean guy. Truly, they are the Winter Sonata Couple of the Decade!!/itsGraceEsmaya/status/168311633356140544

  3. Carla Samson

    Name: Carla Samson
    message: I love because it is a one of a kind blog. I’m not a huge fan of blogs but this blog makes me want to visit their site more often. The articles in this blog are, well, very “imba”. Everything that ate Kring writes are either hilarious or very touching. Ones you visit this blog, you will surely ask for more. And believe me, this blog will really change your life.

  4. Tweety Buendia

    Name: Dasmille Riola C. Buendia

    Email add:

    Message: I love because Ate Kring’s posts teach us about the korean culture. I’m a fan of Korea, Korean Idol Groups, Korean Culture, etc, and this blod can help me widen my knowledge about these things. Actually my boyfriend is also a korean but we’re still a new couple so i really need a lot of advice from Ate Kring. 


    Thank you for this opportunity ate. God Bless You and Kuya Jimmy.

  5. Kristine Roces

    Name: Kristine Roces
    Email add:
    Message: I LOVE My Korean Boyfriend because it satisfies my cravings about the Korean Wave. It tells me the realities.. It prevents me from having false hopes about having a Korean Boyfriend-that they are not exactly how the movies are trying to make them seem. I love it because it makes me laugh. Kring is so real and transparent that she says whatever it is thats on her mind. Walang Keme. And last, I love this website because it proves that LOVE is REAL beyond skin color, language and race~~~ 

    • Amelia

      I have always wanted a korean boyfriend and i wanted to go out with a kpop guy

  6. Brittany M

     Name: Brittany McKenzie

    Email add:
    Message: I love because firstly this site is funny and beautiful at the same time. Itis funny because the things you say and do are hilarious.It also beautiful because it shows the love between two people from different backgrounds but managed to meet on one plain to become one. It gives me inspiration to know I can find love in a different races besides my own. I take this site as encouragement and it really does brighten up my day. Thank you for this wonderful gift to us!

  7. junghye

    nakita ko ang mag sa booksale dito sa davao, 2 copies pa, pagbalik ko kinabukasan wala na…. T_T sayang… gusto ko sa  bilhin…. tsk


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