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It’s common knowledge that I’m not very fond of kids… Babies are okay since they’re adorable and cannot do much damage yet but kids over the age of four? Ugh! Puhleez.

However, I noticed in the last year that I’ve become more tolerable of them and for some weird reason, I always gush when I see cute Asian kids! Is it my maternal instincts kicking in?! But noooo I’m only 17! When I was in Korea last winter, I totally died seeing 2-3 year old kids with super red cheeks covered up in thick jackets, walking in the streets with their parents!!! Yesterday, Jimmy and I were in Shang and while we were on our way out of the elevator, I saw a bunch of cute toddlers just being you know, their cute toddler selves. This blog post is inspired by the conversation that took place soon as we stepped out.

Kring: Awwww… Jagiya (sweetheart)! Did you see those kids?! Why are they so cute?! I’m dying!
Jimmy: Why, you wanna have one?
Kring: Well, not yet. We gotta save up money first!
Jimmy: Bebe, you don’t need money to make babies. *winks*

I literally stopped in my tracks, speechless. I couldn’t believe he could come up with such a witty reply, worthy of being a line in a corny sitcom.

So I’ve been thinking. If I’m gonna have babies, I really pray that they’d be crazy cute and will have Jimmy’s original Koryan complexion + my face. In fact, I’ve come up with pegs for my future bebes because I’m psycho like that and I hope to God they don’t get to read this blog in the future or they will spite me forever! (Credit as tagged. Sorry, I scoured the net for these images and dunno who the original owners are.)


Yes, mommy will make you wear fluffy animal costumes on a daily basis.

Half-Korean, Half-Turkish child model/actress, Aleyna Ylmaz. Y U LOOK LYK SONG HYE KYO? Fuuuuu~

Death by cute.

I feel like my babies will be full of crack and swag at an early age.

And how can I forget my peggest of all pegs: NINA IN TOKYO!!!

I first watched her videos in ’08 and I’ve loved her ever since! I really hope my kids would be as goooofeh! She should be on TV shows in Japan or something! Also, her dad seem like a genuinely kind man.

BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE!!! Since we’re on the topic of making babies and hoping they’d turn out adorbs and un-evil, I took it to another level and morphed my photos with Jimmy’s using a web software to see what our kids would potentially look like. Are you ready?

Waaahhhhh!!!!! 귀엽다ㅏㅏㅏ!!!!!!

Here’s another “variation”, combining a different set of photos.

He looks like her ate (older sister), huh?

And one last morphed image just because…


Wow, that was fun!! Hope you guys enjoyed this entry! What do you think of my “future bebes” with Jimmy??? Would love to hear your comments! Thanks, y’all!

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13 Responses to “The Future Krimmy Couple Babies”

  1. Kat Alcuaz

    So when are you guys getting married? =))) Nina is ze cutest! She almost looks fake coz of too muuuch cuteness! ♥

  2. Jersa Isip

    "I really pray that they’d be crazy cute and will have Jimmy’s original Koryan complexion + my face".

    lol. That would be the perfect Krimmy baby! <3

  3. Darlene Faith Lee

    wow! they're really cute goodluck krimmy couple if ever you'll have cute bebes like them in the future :) ).

  4. Lyn

    haha, this is so cuuute :) I hope you end up together. God bless you both! ^^,


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