Misconceptions About Korean Men (Part 2)

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Finally. I got around to writing the 2nd part of our Misconceptions series. If you haven’t read the first part yet, well, please check it out first. As I mentioned last time, this is a joint project with the now certified musical actress, Ms. Cherish-Maningat Bae (so proud of my 친구). You see, we realize that many girls need to be brought back to reality especially those who blindly go “OMG UNNI I WANNA HAVE A KOREAN BOYFRIEND, TOO *flail flail*!!!


We do not in anyway mean to offend anyone, especially Korean men (the love of our lives are after all, one of them). These are all but based on our experiences, observations and other people’s testimonies. Our only objective is to make readers realize that guys from Korean dramas and movies are fictional characters. May this blog series enlighten readers, especially those younger girls who are easily swept off their feet.

Misconception About Korean Men #2: THEY ARE ALL GOOD-LOOKING (The examples and explanation in this particular article was by Ms. Maningat, who has been more exposed to the men in Korea, and edited by Kring.)

Ahahaha! THIS. THIS SO MUCH. Most people’s exposure to the Korean world is through K-dramas and Kpop and of course, almost all of the boys there are good looking 멋있다 meoshida, 우유 빛칼 uyu bit kal (white skin), 꽃미남 kot mi nam (flower boy) and all that jazz. However, if some Pinays only knew (especially those who haven’t gone to Korea), my mother included, this is not always the case in the real non-TV world. Actually, you don’t have to go far to prove that you can more or less find dashing, breath-taking, makalaglag-panty Koreans only on screen or on stage. Just look at the Korean men in the country. Or Jimmy Kim. (I love you, bebe! Tsuptsup mwahmwah~)

I believe you, Jo In Sung.

Perhaps you’d think that the Koreans here represent a small percentage of the Korean population. Well, in terms of number, you’re probably right. But surprisingly, the Koreans in Philippines is quite a decent representation of the general Korean population – middle class, who can afford to study English abroad, or those who start businesses in Philippines because Korea is already too saturated.

Cherish attended an art university in Korea and majored in stage directing. She got to work with the acting majors in her department, who pretty much all want to be actors.They’re really good looking. I’ve seen them. They’re K-drama-material and I’d date them if I was single *winks*. But once she steps out of the campus and goes out into the real world, like when she rides the subway, she’s brought back to reality.

According to her, there are categories for some men, who unfortunately are stereotyped. Let’s enumerate some:

1) The School Boy – Glasses, knapsack, earphones + playing with their smart phones, sneakers, skinny jeans.

2) The Employee - Old men who reek of samgyupsal + soju + cigarette combined; suit (usually gray) with necktie that’s normally colored purple or pink. Talks on the phone like there’s no one around them or like they’re always angry. This goes with really old men and those who are categorized as 회사원 or company employee.

I’ve seen quite a number of drunk men in the streets. Drinking seems to be the national pastime.

3) The Fashionista -  They dress up like they’re in a fashion show, although they’re just riding the subway. All of them have different styles, but once you spot one, you would automatically think “Oookkkaaay, that’s a bit too much…”

4) The 가수 댄서 aka Singer-Dancer – Not the the real singer/dancers, but those who are trying to be one. According to Cherish’s hubby, these guys would do everything to follow the footsteps of the real 가수 댄서 singer-dancers. They would cut their hair and color it like their idols’; they would dress and move around like their fave boy bands, except they take the public transpo. Very similar to The Fashionista, although the former’s a bit more “high-end” than the 가수 댄서 singer-dancers.

5) The Hiker / Mountain climber 아저씨 Ahjussi – Matching windbreaker jacket and pants, hiking shoes, knapsack and hiking stick. Often times, you’ll see these men in the subway at around 6-9pm. They usually come in 3′s or in a group and sometimes you’ll see them drunk.

Not all men fall under these five categories obviously (Jimmy Kim included), so please do not think these are big picture generalizations.

So some people would think “they may not be all good-looking but at least not many are ugly”. Which brings us to another point – many would do everything to be pleasing to the eye and we shouldn’t take that against them. Plastic surgery is biiiiig business in Korea and for a reason. They’re not just for women or celebrities. Real, normal, everyday people regularly go under the knife, too! Heck, Jimmy’s barkada has had multiple facial surgeries!!! Korean men also get double eyelid surgery, nose reshaping, jaw correction, cheekbone reduction, forehead implants, lip and botox injections, etc. and for one main reason – TO LOOK GOOD, to make a good 첫인상 cheot insang or first impression – because in Korea, a person is almost always defined by other people’s first impression of him/her so it only makes sense.

Nothing against plastic surgery. Whatever floats your boat!

Double Eyelid surgery – most common cosmetic surgery procedure in Asia. Can you imagine some Pinoy kids got teased growing up for having big eyes?!?!

That’s where the expensive designer bags, clothes and shoes come in, too. Korean guys would also buy these expensive things (Cherish’s husband, included) to showcase them to the world. [Additional note: the female version is called 된장녀 dwinjang nyeo - social climbing girls who always wear 명품 myeong pum (designer) items from head to toe, and they wear high heels no matter where they go. They also ONLY hang around really rich men and women, too.]

Well, we can’t blame them. They live in a society where physical appearance is much more important. It’s all about packaging and imaging and we all know Koreans are very good at that. I’m not saying it’s not important in the Philippines  or whatever, but guys who’d ride the MRT looking like they’re a member of an idol band will most likely have his phone stolen here.

Wow, this has been a very informative entry and even I learned a lot from Cherish. She sent this to me prior to our Korea trip so I really “observed” when I went there and man, she was spot on! Of course, there are also many good looking Korean guys, don’t get us wrong. MANY, as iiinnn! But to think that ALL, if not, most Korean guys are hot is like thinking all Filipino men are worth sleeping with just on the basis of Gerald, Sam, Piolo, Richard and John Lloyd.

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62 Responses to “Misconceptions About Korean Men (Part 2)”

  1. Ria

    But JaeChun never had surgery right? /fail Cassie

    And I do agree that you cannot always see Korean Men in Korea that is so good looking like Yunho or any other artists.

    • Anonymous

      Not sure about Yoochun but Jae?! ARE YOU BLIND?! Your face doesn’t transform like that drastically just ‘coz you “grew up”. LOOOOL!

      • XT

        Erm btw all Korean celebrities have had their face ‘done’. Especially ALL SM artists. My Korean guy friend told me about it.

        • Weno

          Hey, I happen to chance upon your blog while searching for information regarding forehead implant surgery in South Korea.

          I’m a Singaporean who have been to Korea a couple of time and I find Korean guys in general are pretty decent looking. I am judging this based on what I have seen on the street and subway. Decent looking not because of their facial features but because how they know how to dress themselves up looking clean and tidy. That’s my impression on them. Being a foreigner there, their guys are generally friendly and nice while my impression on their female was not as good. However, this could also because I am a female traveling in Korea.

          I’m not exactly a Korean lover but I honestly thinks that everywhere on the earth, there are ugly guys who do stupid things. Not generally the Koreans or any other race. It’s best when girls avoid choosing a guy simply because of their nationality. Look beyond that.

          I understand your point in waking up delusion Pinoy fans who have fall deeply into the whole hallyu wave phenomenon… But (perhaps you didn’t meant it) your words seems a little harsh here.

  2. Tricia Dator

    forehead implants?! ano yon?! nagpapadagdag sila ng noo?! samantalang ako eh nahihiya sa malaki kong noo. O_O

    • Anonymous

      I learned just on my recent trip that apparently, they don’t like small, flat foreheads and they like ‘em full and round. Pls don’t ask me why. I’m confused, too!

  3. Tricia Dator

    forehead implants? ano yon? nagpapadagdag sila ng noo? samantalang ako eh nahihiya sa malaki kong noo. O_O

  4. Hanneebuff

    Shucks! natawa ako. I so agree. Wala akong nakitang gwapong Korean sa ilang beses kung pumunta diyan. Meron yung cute, pwede na pero bihira yung “artista” material talaga na minamarket nila sa mga kdramas/kpop artists.  Kailangan magising sa katotohanan. Pero sabi nila, ang gwapo daw yung mga nasa probinsiya pero dahil hindi ako nakapunta, hindi ko alam kung totoo.

    PS. Hindi nagpaplastic surgery si Yoochun, nagiba lang talaga ang hitsura niya dahil di na gangsta ang porma niya diyan. Iba ang nagagawa ng pera. haha! si JJ, may kuwestiyon tayo diyan pero nagmumukha na siyang kamukha ng biological mom niya ngayon. hehe!

    • Anonymous

      Ito na lang, teh. Majority of the Koreans in the country aren’t from Seoul. Bihira lang ako maka-meet. As in sa circle ni Jimmy, sya lang ata galing dun. So that should give you a good idea. Ahahaha! Ako, medyo maniwala pa ko na si Yoochun di nagpa-retoke. Pero si Jae?! BWAHAHAHAHA!!!!

  5. Carmi Dolly Rose Bautista

    wahahahaha! I so love this entry because this so TRUE! I call koreans who doesn't look like a star a "commoner". Been around them for quite a time so I know what you really mean.. :D

  6. Anonymous

    ang defensive ng mga cass o LOL. obvious naman na…………….. :) )))))))))))))))))))

  7. Lilimisasianpopguru

    @3aeb8a37dff40b890884863303f8ac50:disqus As far as I know, Jae “sort of admitted” already in a recent interview.

    Seriously, what you see cannot lie. :) It’s not like plastic surgery is a moral scene. It’s part of packaging/marketing someone. ;)  

    • Anonymous

      Okay lang naman magpa-retoke, lalo na’t artista ka.. bakit kelangan “sort of admit”. NAPAKA-OBVIOUS NAMAN!!! Fuuuuu!!!!

  8. Duston Barto

    WOOHOO! Love love love this piece Kring Elenzano! I wish people would realize that anytime you make general statements about people based on ethnicity or nationality that it is bigotry and is hurtful, even if the generalization is perceived to be positive. EX: "All Americans are rich" this mentality leads to me getting lazy directions of "take a taxi" when I could have just taken a jeep instead. It also means that anytime I go to the market the prices get jacked up as much as 50% higher than if my cute Pinay wife goes instead.

    • Kring Elenzano

      I think all foreigners living here can relate to that. Suddenly the price becomes cheaper when they realize I'm not Korean (when I'm with Jimmy) and I can speak
      "kantonese". You know, salitang kanto.

  9. Pixie Desiderata

    hahaha! was laughing so hard! "whatever but guys who’d ride the MRT looking like a member of an idol boyband will definitely get beaten up here" I just knew that would come up! haha! and probably get yelled at GAY! di ko yta kkyanin ung THE FASHIONISTA te! I'm thinking of MBLAQ/2PM outfits s mga music videos! hehehe..

  10. Daniel

    And I know for a fact that I’d probably punch my brother in the face if he asks to have plastic surgery.

    – It would be fun to think that Mervyn would even think about having plastic surgery. HAHAHA :) )

    • Anonymous

      I know though that he wants to get gluthathione shots. I freaked out and told him it only works for artistas who don’t get exposed to the sun!!! >:X

  11. Agnes Riel

    U know at times when your mind gets twisted (like this morning, when I woke up thinking of ONLY SHIN HYESUNG ~), u'll need something sensible to read like this to bump you off Cloud9 and down to reality street ~.
    I was in Seoul for only 5 days in 2008 and I know lots have changed since then, but I could not forget the time I was out on the streets and I was looking for Shinhwa-look alikes (back then (and maybe until now), I only know Shinhwa and Group S *boink*) and OMG, I only found ONE WARM-BLOODED KOREAN MAN (he probably was serving his military duties) at the MRT, who gave me directions to go to NamSan.. believe me, I almost invited him to come with me haha! But that was it…… the next time I saw gorgeous men was at the Olympic Stadium while I was struggling to push my head up to see the stage and those 6 gorgeous men doing their thing onstage ~.

    • Kring Elenzano

      WARM BLOODED!? What!? Ahahahaha! There are cute ones naman… Very few. Parang Pinas. I feel like mas marami pa nga dito. XDDD Or maybe 'coz I see a lot of artistas. Pero di John Lloyd nakaka-star struck talaga. XD

  12. Anonymous

    very informatiove indeed ate Kring! anyway, what’s a forehead implant? hahahaha! can’t imagine myself getting one. LMAO.

    • Anonymous

      I HAVE NO IDEA. Matet De Leon would’ve been super famous there, then!

  13. Sheena Ramos

    Tey. Sa Korea na lang kaya ko mag-artista? Maganda eyelids ko. Yun nga lang ang asset ko. :) ) EYELIDS.

  14. meech

    that Jo In Sung pic is enough to prove your point! *kilig to the highest level*

  15. Emjae

    The misconception is totally different in the U.S. inspite of K-pop and K-dramas. I was so shocked at some of the things you say many girls do like throwing themselves at Korean guys and even many trying to get impregnated? Wow! They are a true disgrace to the Filipino race! Wow, that really shocked me. It’s no wonder why this race get very bad wrap. It’s no wonder American old men go to the Philippines to marry a girl old enough to be their great grand-daughter because many of these women are desperate. Going back on the subject. In the U.S. the misconception is that Korean men are tempered and so many stay away from them.

    • Just stoppin by

      Stereotypes of any ethnic minorities in the US are bad.  Granted, Koreans have many negative stereotypes in the US too but also are other numerous ethnic minorities besides Koreans regardless of race. Even French people gets mocked there.

  16. Koolaidluvskhj

    THANK YOU soo much for this entry :) im thinking of going to college in korea (SNU) and at first i thought that ALL korean men are hot just cus i watch lOADS of kdrama ^__^ (Kim hyun joong hehe) but now after reading this…it helped me realize that i shouldnt just go for the guys heh.. =V= …well thanks again :)

  17. Koolaidluvskhj

    THANK YOU soo much for this entry :) im thinking of going to college in korea (SNU) and at first i thought that ALL korean men are hot just cus i watch lOADS of kdrama ^__^ (Kim hyun joong hehe) but now after reading this…it helped me realize that i shouldnt just go for the guys heh.. =V= …well thanks again :)

  18. sky

    the diff is that (no offense meant), they are aware that they’re not good looking, hence the reason for dissatisfaction. whereas pinoys, even if we are dying to have white skin, are pretty much satisfied when we see ourselves in the mirror. it’s enough to make us happy that we’re normal – with two hands and feet and eyes with double eyelid.

    admit it, many (i think most) of their actors are usually plain looking. some are bordering to ugly, but most of them have ordinary beauty (considering na nagpa-surgery na ‘yan, ha).

    well, maybe i have a diff standard of beauty. beauty for me is a combi of our local actors face and skin, which is ibang-iba sa beauty nila (w/ or w/o surgery). 

  19. Chris

    Good post, but i still believe that the percentage of good-looking koreans is significantly higher than if you were to compare it to Filipinos. Whether it’s natural or plastic, that’s a different matter though. Just based from the Koreans i see around the Philippines who i’d like to assume are “normal” people, i’ve gotta say that most of are goodlooking– guys and girls. And no offense to filipinos, but example if you were in the USA and you see the Filipinos there…you wouldn’t really consider them goodlooking.

  20. Woo Choi

    coming from a Korean, it's interesting to see how we're viewed in other countries.

    Regarding this topic, I would like to say that the actors, and singers are entertainers for a reason. Of course they're handsome, and beautiful. They have to be appealing for the audience. Every country is the same. Here in the states, not everybody looks like justin bieber, brad pitt, beyonce, angelina jolie, etc… you'll be foolish to think that they did. Just like in every country, you have the handful of drop dead gorgeous people, and you have the rest of the average citizens who work and live day by day.

    Although, I respect your opinions, you almost come off as an anti-korea activist.

    haha I guess I should apologize for not being perfect as you expected.
    Will be looking forward to your future posts.

    • Cris Tobal

      Yes, many filipina are marrying Korean men and are also infatuated of them but this is due to the fact of K-POP and K-DRAMAS. Surgery in Korea tends to be exaggerated, the problem is there is soo many cases of surgery in Korea. You have those who are good looking and all natural, than you had those who wants to be like them, and became good-looking as an result of surgery.

      I've seen youth pictures of 2pm, Shinee, SNSD, Super Junior. They don't seem to have surgery, you can they already had double eyelids when they were babies and kids. Than there is the other group that are not natural and had surgery.

  21. Ria Alexis Gonzales

    It's okay to go under surgery :) Jae did the double eyelid thingy. His maturity is another thing, we all looked like total douche bags when we were younger, well, I did anyway. Anyway, he's hot as fuck :) THIS IS A VERY GOOD POST. She's mentioned JJ in 2 of her blogs accts now, and well, haha, both are in a not-bad-but-not-so-good-way, but, I'm a fan and what do you expect from a fan, I will support them no matter what, I love their imperfections, haha. yea~ I still like this post. Hope you and your bf will be together forever.

  22. Melyn Marissa

    LOL i’m really lol-ing!
    I can actually compare it with my own experience.I dated a Korean when I was havin student exchange there for 6 months. what could I say, hmm.. Just like, a Korean drama (cz I was living in Korea) :pSadly finally it didn’t work out because of the distance.. and.. military!! Grr I hate military.P.S: I really love ur video, tho it’s not 100% true lol. Really..really… entertaining!Would love to see more of ur work :p

  23. Melyn Marissa

    LOL I'm really lol-ing!
    I can actually compare it with my own experience.I dated a Korean when I was havin student exchange there for 6 months. what could I say, hmm.. Just like, a Korean drama (cz I was living in Korea) :pSadly finally it didn't work out because of the distance.. and.. military! Grr I hate military.

    P.S: I really love your video, though it's not 100% true lol. Really..really… entertaining! Would love to see more of your work :p

  24. Joy Dohee Han

    It's actually really crazy in Korea…from a young age, a lot of kids are told, "You're ugly, but it's okay. You can get surgery later and you will be really pretty." The cheap cost of surgery means that teenagers who just got through the dramatic phase of high school are way more likely to save money for cosmetic procedures right after. :/ They get surgery as graduation presents and things like that.

  25. Le Marie Balderama

    I used to hate my double eyelids cause when I apply eyeliner, it “disappears”. We call it Tingsun in Fookien :) But now I’M PROUD OF HAVING IT NATURALLY :)

  26. Charlie

    It makes me think about the height too : in the media it’s said that SJ guys are pretty tall, but after seeing this photo I was really SHOCKED. Are they this small ? What the hell, us Canadians are not giants after all. 

  27. Hanni Jung

    Oh my, this is really informative and funny. :D I agree with you when you said that not all Korean men are handsome, but I think I have been blessed to have known some cute Korean guys in real life. ^^

  28. facial surgery

    Facial effects are normally depend on expression which change anytime that by people. It increase better and effective shine on human face which make that different. Information make it well and attractive for better experience. 

  29. April

    this blog is great,but they just said about the physical misconceptions of korean..im not that big fan of korean but i used to live with koreans so i learned and see the truth korean.. yes they very much aware about their physical image they have a strong discrimination about physical image they think if your beautiful and handsome people will like you easily i cant deny that, but which is true if your beautiful people will like you easily right same there in philippines we look at the physical image too.. why korean like big forehead because they think if you have big forehead you have a big heart too, means your a good man. lets think about their good side. if youl see korean with his family they are very polite, they respect their parents they work hard.. if youl good with them they will be good too..and if your accepted by the family they will treat you as the real family. well this is just my opinion about misconception of korean the author of this blog is right but she did not mention about the other side of korean, i just wanna share my knowledge about korean men.:)

  30. Sun Huh

    Been to Philippines twice and noticed that drinking is a “around the clock” event thru Sun-Sat. Also, I’ve seen worse in PI with drunken Tito’s so that photo up top is nothing compared to what I’ve seen. Also, the younger generations of Korean men are more than attractive but mostly reside in Seoul or Incheon. A modern day Korean man is about double the size of a Pinoy (height-wise). Also, you named this blog as cultural differences and misconceptions but I see it as cultural bashing. Notice you don’t pay anything positive about Korean men (besides your Jimmy) in all three of these blogs. If the Filipino’s economical state was as stable as Korea’s then I bet you that everyone will be just as materialistic and equivalent to Jinky and Imelda Marcos. Korean culture appreciates the Myung Pooms just like other well-off or 1st world countries. Lastly, throughout the 3 misconception blogs; I can’t help but sense animosity or jealousy. If you’re going to title your blog misconceptions and cultural differences, please write something unbiased because I can Filipino bash all day. However, who wants to be known as the blogger that has nothing nice to say about one’s culture and men?

    • Kring

      Hi, thanks for your comment and insights. I do respect them. :) However, when you mentioned that you read this blog in its entirety, did you mean just this post or all the other blog entries? I don’t know, I’ve been told a lot of times that I love Korea too much and if have “nothing nice to say about one’s culture and men”, I don’t think I’d have so many posts about the country and the culture. The “misconceptions” series is only 3 out of the hundreds of posts on this site. Uhm, in fact the latest one is a video of why “I Love Korea”. Oh and majority of the readers are not really Koreans but Southeast Asian, Latin and European women who mostly know Koreans through Kpop and drama, hence, the disclaimer. :)

  31. mae

    wow! i love your posts….
    well, surgery is not a crime, maybe they did that because of dissatisfaction, for their job, and for confidence?i think so, not just in korea but everywhere around the globe. Though we are all in different countries, different nationality, we are all the same! we are humans.. As for me, i love kdramas but i love pinoy dramas too! you can’t blame THE actors and actresses in different countries because they are ENTERTAINERS, w/o them, life is not fun and entertaining.
    All we can do is to RESPECT each others life, even if you’re a korean, filipino, american, handsome/beautiful, ugly, whatsoever……. just respect. We are all sinners, we’re all NOT perfect.
    dramas, movies are for entertainment! after that, back to reality don’t take it seriously. haha… thumbs up!!

  32. anjei (elf)

    I think jae didnt got a surgery :-)
    sometimes with makeup, proper skin care, and puberty thing and hairstyle it improves ones look :-)

    i myself laugh when i saw my old photos in h.s. even my h.s. friends tell me if i did some surgery..

    thanks for the post te kring…

  33. maimai

    what can i say? you covered it all. :) love this article.. i found this when my friend said she really like koreans coz of their looks and stuff and that they seem perfect, and i want to told her otherwise. im not saying all koreans are ugly, but plastic surgery ‘almost’ makes the korean entertainment world’s go round. kekeke

  34. anon

    “Of course, there are good looking Korean guys, don’t get us wrong. But to think that ALL, if not, most Korean guys are hot is like thinking all Filipino men are worth sleeping with just on the basis of Gerald, Sam, Piolo, Richard and John Lloyd.”

    See, this is why they get plastic surgery. The ugly ones just get ignored and treated like trash! “Good looking” guys are what we all look for. People are all shallow.

  35. serena

    Just got to see this now and gotta agree completely with what you said but wth my bias Park Yoochun fetus pic XD when he used to be in US & then compare it with his Hug pic?lol…The outfits, hairstyle and different aura/concept just make wonders you know….But he’s definitely hadn’t gone under the knife…He’s an honest person,he said IF he had done something with his face,his scar on his left cheek will be fixed first..but he never did…he said he used to get insecure but has learned to be comfortable with it…Anyhow thanks to this post….

  36. Eyonna

    I am so totally agree with you Miss Kring! I’ve seen alot of Korean guy all over the Manila and as I can say they are not that handsome and beautiful not like korean stars… I’m not saying they are ugly but I know MOST of the korean stars had done plastic surgeries/ cosmetic surgeries, I guess. But definitely it may come to their genes, you know family panorama… Some koreans has a small eyes, not like Filipinos… But still I love KPOP! No matter what they are! And some KPOPs has their natural beauty, I know it on myself guys. :)


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