Woori Jib Samgupsal All-You-Can

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Hello, kids! I’m back with another resto review and this time around, I’m featuring something more “popular”. In fact, we go to this resto A LOT, especially since it’s in Quezon City. Plus, I love samgyupsal like you don’t even understand. 우리 집 Woori Jib is a nice Korean resto along Kalayaan Avenue and their specialty is their samgyupsal all-you-can for only Php299. I actually tried another similar resto near Woori Jib before and was totally turned off by the vandalism and other ugly shizz on the walls. There were even fan wars. EW HOW IMMATURE. Woori Jib is a far less hostile-looking place IMO and I haven’t seen fans congregating there. LOL.

우리 집 Woori Jib Korean restaurant

Last Palm Sunday, we had dinner at that place as our “last hurrah for meat” before the Holy Week. We were joined by my brother, MJ and a Kpop fan-friend who just got back from Saudi, DJ Oblifias. I think it’s important to note that there’s no pork in Saudi. DJ was deprived for more than a year. LOL.

The Krimmy Couple samgyupsal-ing.

Anyway, to those of you who may not be aware, 삼겹살 samgyupsal (our featured dish, which literally means three layer meat) is made of pork belly, similar to bacon, only thicker. You grill the pork on the table and eat it off the grill. But wait! You don’t just down it like a hungry construction worker (offense not meant). Once the pork is grilled, it is dipped in different sauces and wrapped in lettuce. Don’t worry, later Imma show you how to devour samgyupsal… in style.

People from different places go all the way to QC to experience Woori Jib’s samgyupsal all-you-can. Some people have even asked me to make a review about the resto! I shall reiterate once again that it only costs Php299. That’s a muddaeffin’ deal, I tell yah. I even have brought so many friends there! Of course, they also serve 반찬 banchan or side dishes and sell other food. I think it would be sad if they just sell one kind of dish.


Woorijib banchan for samgyupsal.

More than the fact that it’s really delish, it’s also a VERY Korean dish, which is eaten “differently”. Actually, there’s this sense of adventure when you eat it for the first time. Filipinos would be confused initially, especially since it’s not a typical “ulam” with rice but once they get a hang out it, people get addicted! So for everyone’s benefit (and just ‘coz I thought it’d be cool to include it), here’s a basic step-by-step way of eating samgyupsal.

How to eat samgyupsal… in style:

STEP 1: Get a piece of lettuce or perilla leaves. I prefer lettuce and I don’t like cabbage with my samgyupsal.

STEP 2: Dip your grilled piece of pork in 기름장 gireumjang (sesame oil with salt and black pepper).

STEP 3: Place your pork on the lettuce and then add 쌈장 ssamjang (chili paste + soybean paste + sesame oil + other #winning things).

STEP 4: Add banchan and garlic if you want but it’s not mandatory.

STEP 5: Wrap it into a ball of awesomeness and enjoy! Also, don’t  mind if I looked haggard on the photo -__-.

Now that I’ve given you unsolicited advice on how to eat samgyupsal even if I know 95% of my readers have eaten this dish, let’s proceed to the real review of the restaurant. As I mentioned earlier, I like its interiors better than its competitor resto because it’s cleaner and more spacious. High ceiling and all that jazz. CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE MAP OF THE LOCATION.


You know, maybe it was just their bad luck that we went there that night with the intent of reviewing their resto because their service was the WORST. OMG. I can’t even explain. Okay, I can. And if this sounds like a rant, well, it is.

You see, we’ve been there a lot as I mentioned earlier so we were pretty surprised that that night, they sucked hairy balls. First and foremost, no one assisted us in cooking the pork so Jimmy ended up doing EVERYTHING. We were not asking them to cook the pork the whole time but were hoping that they would respond to our requests when we asked. We’ve been there numerous times before and there was ALWAYS a nice kuya helping cut and gril the meat for us.

Second, something must’ve happened earlier that day but holy crap, the staff were just… rude. I do not expect them to be smiling all the time but say, we’d ask for a refill or maybe water… before we could even say something else, they would already turn their backs at us! We’d call them again when they’re just 2 steps away and it’s like they’re deaf!!! Walk out queens much? The first time, I just let it pass but it happened every time we’d call their attention. It started to piss me off, too.

Lastly, the service was soooo slow and it took them years to bring to us what we asked for. There were also unnecessary banging and noises from the kitchen like someone was throwing a tantrum! A waiter  even “accidentally” dropped a dish TWICE! WTF! The customer in our next table even had to call the owner to complain about his change or payment or something and the staff was arguing with him! A TOTALLY TRAUMATIC EXPERIENCE. Jimmy vowed never to go back there again, at least for a long time.

Good bye, Woori Jib!

It’s really an unfortunate incident because we were happy with their service before. I don’t mean to diss the the resto but that’s really what we experienced when we were there for this review. Seriously, I’m such a cowboy when it comes to dining and services and I don’t normally give a damn but for me to even blog about it? I think that’s saying a lot. I dunno if they’ve improved since or they’re on a downward spiral but I guess I’ll never know because we won’t be eating there anytime soon.

Do I recommend the place?  Why not try it, especially if you’re hungry? It’s really cheap! But do not expect that the meat is gonna be A-class. A normal order of samgyupsal elsewhere costs the same but for only one order. Also, it’s not that well-ventilated, hence it’s quite hot. I just hope you don’t experience the terrible service that they gave us.

MY KOREAN BOYFRIEND’S RATING (10 being the highest):

Food (ingredients/taste/quality): 6 / 10
Place (interiors/facilities): 6 / 10 -> hot
Price (affordability/value): 9/ 10

Enjoy, guys and feel free to share your thoughts about the resto, too!

ps: Check out our coverage of 2AM Live in Manila 2011 part 1 and part 2.
pps: I used my Nokia N8 for the photos so the quality is just… normal.

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22 Responses to “Woori Jib Samgupsal All-You-Can”

  1. Hanneebuff

    Suki din ako diyan sa Woorijib. Natiyempo nga lang kayo siguro that day kasi usually okay naman yung service nila. Ako naman nanibago nung sila yung nagluto ng samgyupsal for me kasi I’m used na ako ang nagluluto (feeling Jang Geum). Anyway, di ko alam na may eat all you can samgyupsal pala sila, palaging 2 orders lang ang kinukuha namin. Will try that one next time. Deadma na high blood.

    • funnysexy

      But thing is… that’s not an excuse. See, if we were first timers, super we won’t go back na. I think there’s problem with the management-staff relations kaya they’re sabotaging the service. Feeling ko lang. Haha! All you can yun, teh!!! Pero wait for our future chorva, may mas bonggang sarap talaga!

  2. Desiderata_pixie

    is it true po b dat samgyupsal is considered fancy korean food? prang npanood ko nun sa super junior show,,it looks healthy! kc may color green,, hehehe..prang yan ung kinakain nun s princess hours??..

    • funnysexy

      Uhm, IDK. Di naman siguro… Normal lang daw nilang kinakain yan sa kanila. But true, it’s very healthy!

  3. Yceamaecy

    suki din ako dito lalo na at isang tumbling lang galing UP XD pero bakit hindi ko alam ang samgyupsal-all-you-can na ito???? there’s another small korean resto further back the resto with vandals that you were saying… Jjangkkae’s the name if i’m not mistaken. i love their kkanpunggi (spicy breaded chicken wings) :)

  4. Anonymous

    hello krimmy couple..your website is so cute and funny..you look good together..i just want to ask if there's a korean store where I can buy korean banchan like kimchi, anchovies and etc..i am really into korean food.thanks.

    • Serah Guinto

      sorry for intruding, but i think you can buy banchan in nicemart. it is a korean convenience store in qc. it's near woorijib and it's in front of eunilane. try visiting it and see what you could buy.

  5. Lorie Arboleda

     wala na silang rice and soup with the eat-all-you-can? been there a couple of months ago

  6. Sugawara

    Your boyfriend is ugly as fuck it isn’t even worth writing a blog about. Maybe next time you’ll meet someone good looking worth writing about then you can have new blog  mygoodlookingboyfriend.com. Till then your stuck with that  idiotic  ugly  zoo inhabiting beast.;)

  7. Melissa Hipolito

    Nashock ako nung malaman ko na kahit hindi eat-all-you can ang order mo… refillable pala lahat ng side dishes sa isang korean restaurant. haha. nakakatuwa! Will try that place soon. Thanks po for the review! :)

  8. dwyght

    lagi late ang comment ko, hehe… my bestfriend and i usually go to that resto when we crave (or most of the time when she craves) for korean food. so far, ok nmn ang service nila lagi pero may mga pagkakataon nga na parang mga bad mood ang staff. pero siyempre, di nga excuse yun para magmaganda sila no! pero bumabalik pa rin kami kc malapit nga sa UP dil, hehe… saka mura at masarap nmn ^^

  9. dwyght ^^

    btw, most of the time, my bestfriend does everything as well whenever we’re in woorijib, lol probably because am older (wink, wink) or because she hates the way i cook the pork. we also go to jjangkkae because they serve really good jjamppong and jajjangmyeon ^^

    there’s this korean buffet resto within the vicinity as well, called don day. its located in malingap street, teachers vill, ^^

  10. aileen triff

     Anyonghaseyo hehehehe i like korean food my kids love it also especially TOPOKKI i cany wait to eat again…lol weve been there at osan south korea oh i never forget my 9year old daughter eating like a constaction workers….

  11. Ara

    this is plain bratty. In Korea ( or heck, even in Baguio where MANY Korean restaurants mushroom), you can’t expect anyone to cut or grill your meat for you. It’s 299 pesos, dont expect to be treated like a princess. Maybe you were lucky that they didnt have as many costumers then or for whatever reason, they were able to assist you, i dont think that’s protocol though. Imagine if every table would demand for assistance like you did, how many helpers would they have to employ? Also, these workers are most probably underpaid and have been standing all day, extend some understanding. The pic looks as if the place was indeed busy that night.

    This review is a little selfish and disappointing.

    • Kring

      I think I gave 3 reasons why the service sucked big time when we did this review, not just the lack of assistance. I did mention they were rude, right? I mean, I’d let that pass but seriously? Ignoring their customers and even the” unnecessary banging and noises from the kitchen like someone was throwing a tantrum”.

      As I mentioned towards the end,

      “It’s really an unfortunate incident because we were happy with their service before. I don’t mean to diss the the resto but that’s really what we experienced when we were there for this review. Seriously, I’m such a cowboy when it comes to dining and services and I don’t normally give a fuck but for me to even blog about it? I think that’s saying a lot.”


  12. Mikiya

    awww, namiss ko bigla 삼겹살 (samgyupsal) i will have to check on this resto soon…. sana kapareho or atleast hindi nalalayo sa original na lasa ang pagkakagawa nila… this dish is one of the best when i was back in korea… all time favorite plus the 갈비탕 (kalbitang) for the good rib soup! yum! yum! yum! :P

  13. Michael

    Are there other dishes that you would recommend. I plan on visiting this place again. Thank you in advance Kring.
    How about the patpingsu? any good?


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