Krimmy Couple on ABS-CBN’s I Do

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I know it’s almost been a year since I last updated this blog (sorrryyy~) but I was gone for a reason… And I’m writing again to share with you this super exciting news!!! Jimmy Kim and I are part of the newest realiserye of ABSCBN, titled “I Do“!


Jimmy and Kring aka The Krimmy Couple on ABS-CBN’s I Do.

I Do is an original realiserye about love and relationship which features nine real love stories of real couples who are planning or thinking of getting married soon. They will embark on a 10-week journey inside the I Do village. It will be a journey filled with romance, drama and inspirational lessons not only about preparation before marriage but also about handling relationship.

For the first time in Philippine Reality TV history, a program built not just one house, but one entire village! Couples will be divided into different houses. The boyfriends will not be sleeping in the same room as their girlfriends’.

The Council, a group of relationship and love experts in their own right, will guide the couples in their preparation for the more important event than the wedding day, which is marriage. The program does not pretend to have all the answers or even most of the answers about relationship and marriage. But the Council hopes that the show will make people more knowledgeable of certain beliefs, attitudes and skills that can develop a strong and healthy relationship.

The Council will decide which couple will be in trouble and be eliminated at the end of each week, based on their observation and on a set of criteria (communication, trust and teamwork). At the end of the journey is a Grand Wedding with grand gifts like One Million Pesos and a House & Lot for the couple who will be chosen by the viewing public.


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Win SVIP Tickets to Super Show 5 in Manila!

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This blog is technically sort of on hiatus in preparation for something… BIG. However, I couldn’t just let this pass. As you guys probably know, SUPER SHOW 5 in MANILA is already happening in like.. a week. Yes, that’s right. After two years, the boys of Super Junior will be back again to give an awesome show to their Pinoy fans, through PULP, of course!



I know many have been anticipating this event and many many many thanks to Globe, you guys will have a chance to WIN an SVIP or an UB ticket!!! That’s right, an SVIP ticket, y’all!!! I kraiiii~ Globe has been very supportive of the Kpop fandom, as you all probably know. Globe gives the gifts of Wonderful Experiences and for a die-hard Kpop fan, seeing your idols up-close is like one of the most wonderful experiences you can ever have.

But it is also a wonderful experience to reward yourself or others with treats and gifts and that’s exactly what we’re here to do. Give you gifts in the form of SVIP and Upper Box Super Show 5 tickets!!!

It’s not really that hard to join:

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The EXO Fan’s Brother

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So there’s this huge EXO fangirl from Korea… Like, this is her room [you seriously have to click to see the bigger versions of the photos]:


Here’s a close-up, in case you missed the EXO goodness. (Sorry, I still haven’t decided on a favorite. I refuse to use the word “bias” ‘coz I hate it with passion.)


According to the EXO fan’s brother, who shared these photos and story online, she’s such a crazy fangirl that she skips school just so she could watch the music shows and attend many EXO activities. Of course, that doesn’t fly very well with the oppa. And so he made these:


The oppa printed these random and funny head shots of various people. Not just on one sheet of paper, mind you. He printed out a lot. He also painstakingly cut them out one by one. Like a bawssss.

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